Brands Are Wasting 80-95% Of Their Efforts!

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Are you using social media or email marketing in your business to share your offers? When you promote that next event? Launch that next book? When you have that special or incentive that you want everyone in your network to know about… how do you send it?

Most professionals, including myself, are using email & social media to promote their offers. But did you know that the average open rate on email/social media is a measly 5%-20% at best? So by simple math… brands are wasting 80-95% of their efforts!

I’m confused as to how this is not front page news!

But why is this important? According to a report released by the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of all sales are made between the 5th & the 12th contact! Only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact! We need to be able to reach our network multiple times with our value in order for them to take action… and with open rates like we’re getting on email & social media, it’s making it more and more difficult for brands to grow their networks online.

I’ve discovered the solution… one word… TEXT! Text has a 98% open rate, 45% response rate (Mobile Marketing Watch) and a recent report by Cellit showed that text offers are redeemed 8x more than emailed offers!

But not just text via SMS, there’s 2 ways you can text in today’s digital age! I want to teach brands how this all works and I’ve created a video presentation webinar called:

“The Mobile Marketing Movement”

Completely FREE, learn the tips & strategies I’ve learned since 2011 on working with over 700 brands worldwide on automation marketing campaigns!

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See you on the inside!!

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