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Just launched my long awaited video coaching series!! Woot woot!

“Capture More Leads, Convert More Customers”

We’re breaking new ground as this video coaching series is available EXCLUSIVELY inside the #LearnWithManny Universal Mobile App!

Download it today FREE and access the video coaching series FREE as well! Each week, new videos will be posted with topics you’ll know of at least a week in advance! Check out out and let me know what you think! We have a chat box below each video for comments, questions, etc.

See you on the inside! –>


Why You Need To Be Going MOBILE!

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My name is Manny “The Man” Lopez, founder of I’d like to share with you some insight on where the mobile industry is going for business professionals.

Right now, more than HALF of the traffic coming to your website is coming from a mobile device! And 80% of visitors to your site will LEAVE within 60 seconds if you are not mobile friendly!

I’ve taken it up a notch… I help business develop Universal Mobile Apps! Not only do you get a mobile website, but you also get a native app for Android and Apple devices so you can provide a unique value to your network of influence!

Mobile Apps are turning into the new business card. You can include everything you are doing online in 1 place: websites, social media channels, sales funnels, podcasts, YouTube channels, anything of value you want to share while offering user functionality so your network can interact with you!

That’s the key. They want to feel part of the action. Mobile apps will give you the ability to send UNLIMITED text alerts to your network to keep them informed of events, coupons, promotions, partnerships, milestones, products, services, anything of value you’d like to share with a 95% open rate within 90 seconds!

Email and social media get around a 5-10% open rate within 24 hours. You can’t touch these kind of numbers anywhere else!

There’s tons of other great insights on this technology but I’ll try to keep it short here. Since you’ve spent the time and taken interest into building your brand, I’d like to offer you a FREE GIFT:

Stream my exclusive audio series: “10 Ways To Drive Traffic To My Offer” absolutely FREE in my Universal Mobile App! Just text the word MANNY to 21777 and you’ll get to download FREE, my own mobile app, Custom Online Branding while also getting a direct link to my calendar if you’d like to setup a FREE 1 on 1 strategy session to learn how to effective brand and market your business! Look forward to hearing from you soon and always remember, you are too blessed to be stressed!


Brands Are Wasting 80-95% Of Their Efforts!

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Are you using social media or email marketing in your business to share your offers? When you promote that next event? Launch that next book? When you have that special or incentive that you want everyone in your network to know about… how do you send it?

Most professionals, including myself, are using email & social media to promote their offers. But did you know that the average open rate on email/social media is a measly 5%-20% at best? So by simple math… brands are wasting 80-95% of their efforts!

I’m confused as to how this is not front page news!

But why is this important? According to a report released by the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of all sales are made between the 5th & the 12th contact! Only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact! We need to be able to reach our network multiple times with our value in order for them to take action… and with open rates like we’re getting on email & social media, it’s making it more and more difficult for brands to grow their networks online.

I’ve discovered the solution… one word… TEXT! Text has a 98% open rate, 45% response rate (Mobile Marketing Watch) and a recent report by Cellit showed that text offers are redeemed 8x more than emailed offers!

But not just text via SMS, there’s 2 ways you can text in today’s digital age! I want to teach brands how this all works and I’ve created a video presentation webinar called:

“The Mobile Marketing Movement”

Completely FREE, learn the tips & strategies I’ve learned since 2011 on working with over 700 brands worldwide on automation marketing campaigns!

Watch it NOW:

See you on the inside!!